What to Know When You Hire a Home Inspector

When you’re buying a home, you’ll hire a home inspector – his or her job is to let you know all about the condition of the home’s structure, features and even systems and appliances. When you do hire an inspector, here’s what you need to know.

What to Know When You Hire a Home Inspector

Here’s what to know when you hire a home inspector:

·         He or she will find some issues

·         You can fix nearly anything…

·         …except water problems

Finding Issues During an Inspection

No home is perfect. In fact, even when you buy a home directly from a builder, your inspector is bound to find a few issues. The inspector is on your side in the sense that he or she wants you to be as informed as possible when (or if) you buy the home – and that means the inspector’s job is to judge everything about the house.

Almost Anything is “Fixable”

You can use the issues you find in your inspection report to negotiate with the seller – they don’t all have to be deal-breakers. Some things you might want to ignore and fix yourself, too. For example, one buyer we know got an inspection report back that there were screens missing from some of the upstairs windows in the home, as well as upside-down doorknobs on most of the interior doors. The buyer asked the seller to replace the window screens, but was able to purchase the right doorknobs to use inside the home.

Steer Clear of Homes With Water Problems

Water is a huge problem – it can cause serious structural damage to a house. You definitely want to address any water-related issues before you sign the dotted line, especially if there are puddles on the roof or leaky ceilings inside. Water leaks can lead to mold growth, too, which can be toxic. So while you don’t have to back out of a deal because of water damage, you do need to talk to your Realtor® about making sure it’s addressed.

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