What to Do When Your Neighbors List Their Home for Sale

When your neighbors list their home, there are a few things you can do. First, tell all your friends (wouldn’t it be great if your bestie lived next door?). Then, start paying attention so you have a good idea of what would happen if you were to put your own home on the market.

What to Do When Your Neighbors List Their Home for Sale

If your neighbors are having an open house, stop by. It’ll give you a chance to objectively compare what they have to what you have, and looking at the home’s list price can give you a pretty good idea of what yours may be worth.

Next up: Talk to your neighbors about their experience so far. Find out why they wanted to sell and think about whether it’s a good idea for you, too.

Finally, start thinking about any issues you’ve encountered with your neighbors (such as property line disputes, whether their tree fills your yard with unwanted leaves, or anything else). When new neighbors move in, bring up your issues in a diplomatic way.

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