What Should You Do to Prepare for a Home Appraisal?

If you're like many people, you're not sure whether you should prepare your home for an appraisal – but the answer is yes. This guide explains.

What Should You Do to Prepare for a Home Appraisal?

After you accept a buyer's offer, the buyer's lender will most likely send an appraiser to your home to see if it's worth the amount the buyer would like to borrow. And although you don't need to stage your home to impress the appraiser, there are a few things you need to do:

  • Clean your home until it sparkles
  • Make a list of all the improvements you've made
  • Handle home maintenance tasks

Here’s a closer look at each.

Home Appraisal Preparation Tip #1: Clean Your Home Until it Sparkles

Although you don't need to “wow” a home appraiser, your home should be immaculately clean when the appraiser comes by. That's because a clean home signals good attention to maintenance – and it gives the appraiser a more favorable impression.

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Home Appraisal Preparation Tip #2: Make a List of Improvements

If you've made any improvements to your home, now is the time to document them. Create a list of everything you've done, whether you renovated a bathroom, added solar panels, installed a tankless water heater or gotten a new roof. You can give this summary to the appraiser so they will be able to accurately value your home.

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Home Appraisal Preparation Tip #3: Handle Home Maintenance Tasks

If there are any home maintenance tasks that need to be done, do them now. Whether you need to tighten a leaky faucet, change a few light bulbs or oil a squeaky door hinge, you should do so before the appraiser comes by. These are basic maintenance tasks, so if an appraiser notices that they're not complete, they may wonder what other types of maintenance you have neglected.

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