What Does Move-In Ready Mean?

When you’re looking at real estate listings in Lakewood and Long Beach, you’re going to see homes listed as “move-in ready.”

But what does that mean, and should it affect your decision to buy?

What Does Move-In Ready Mean?

Move-in ready homes are those that you can turn the key, walk in and start dropping off your boxes… right?


However, what move-in ready really means is that you can expect to not have to make any repairs when you move in. It shouldn’t require any work that would prevent you from moving in right away.

It doesn’t mean that the home is updated or brand-new, or that it has lots of upgrades.

Typically, move-in ready covers things like:

  • Electrical systems. Everything’s up-to-date and up to code, and the electrical outlets and switches are fairly modern.

  • Plumbing. The plumbing is in good condition and everything works. There aren’t any leaks you need to address.

  • Roofing. The roof is in good shape and it has a substantial lifespan remaining.

  • Siding. The siding is in good condition, and it’s not falling off the house. It’s not warped or damaged.

  • Heating and cooling systems. The HVAC system, water heater and furnace are in good working order, and they’ll last for several more years.

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