What Are In-Law Quarters?

For many Lakewood and Long Beach homeowners, it makes sense to buy a home with in-law quarters – and here’s how (and why) it works.


What Are In-Law Quarters?

Technically, what used to be called in-law quarters are now called accessory dwelling units, or ADUs. These ADUs are designed to double up on the number of people who live on a property so that the buyer can rent one out to help pay for the mortgage.


ADUs are growing in popularity, too, especially where homes are expensive and there’s a high demand for rental units. And in California, you can qualify for a mortgage based on anticipated rental income from an ADU or a rental apartment in the main home.


Should You Buy a House With In-Law Quarters?

Buying a home with a built-in ADU, or adding one after you purchase a home in Lkewood or Long Beach, may be a smart financial decision. It’s not for everyone, though – like anything else, there are pros and cons to owning a home with an ADU.


Pros of ADUs

ADUs are generally affordable, even if you just add one to your existing home. Many buyers are using them as sources of income, and you can even partition the yard off to create more privacy between the main house and the ADU. (Some homeowners are even living in the ADU and renting out the main house.)


Cons of ADUs

You’ll have to become a landlord if you own a property with an ADU you intend to rent out. You’ll also be responsible for construction, maintenance and other issues – and you have to ensure that the ADU is up to code if you expect to rent it out while staying on the right side of the law.

Are You Buying a Home in Lakewood or Long Beach?


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