The Signal Hill Hike... An Incredible Experience?

The Signal Hill hike... an incredible experience  

If you’re “staycationing” right here in Long Beach, you might want to add a Signal Hill hike to your itinerary. The whole trail is slightly over two miles long and consists of a variety of surfaces. 


What Makes It Special 

While residents of the area might not think about visiting the Signal Hill trail as a vacation, consider seeing it again through the eyes of a tourist. When the weather’s good, you can see Orange County, the San Gabriel Mountains, Catalina Island, and downtown L.A. The sunset views are incredible. At night, you can look out over the twinkling city lights from on high. It’s the kind of place you’d take someone visiting the area, so it makes perfect sense to spend a bit of your staycation there.  

Signal Hill is not exactly a rugged nature trail, but that’s part of the appeal. Much of it is accessible to wheelchairs, elderly people, or anyone else for whom a rigorous hike would be difficult or impossible. The loop consists of a variety of terrains and settings, covering paved roads, granite flats, sidewalks, and dirt trails. Along the way, you’ll see scenic overlooks, experience elevation changes, and get the chance to check out some monuments commemorating important pieces of local history. 


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