The New UltraFICO Score

You probably know more than you want to know about your own credit score - if you’re like most people buying a home for sale in Lakewood or Long Beach, you know that it’s incredibly important in getting approved for a mortgage loan.

But there’s an all-new credit score in the works called the UltraFICO - and here’s what you need to know.

The New UltraFICO Score

The Fair Isaac Corporation, the company that gives out FICO scores, is testing a whole new method that some lenders are already using. It’s called the UltraFICO, and it works like this:

  • It takes a look at your banking behavior, including how long you’ve had accounts and whether you’ve ever overdrafted

  • Your account balances count

  • The types of activity you conduct with your bank accounts matter, such as whether you automatically pay bills

The UltraFICO is supposed to measure your “responsible banking behavior,” and it can improve your credit score. However, if you’ve got a few mistakes, you may want to ask lenders not to look at it. Really, it’s to help people who have imperfect credit (or no credit at all).

The UltraFICO isn’t replacing the FICO - at least not yet. Most lenders are using it as a backup scoring model at this point (to help those buyers who have imperfect or no credit qualify). It’s voluntary, unlike your FICO; you’re given a FICO score whether you want one or not.

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