Should You Leave for Showings?

When a real estate agent is showing your house to a prospective buyer, you need to head for the hills.

Here’s why.

Should You Leave for Showings?

It can be tough for a seller to hear, but you definitely need to leave your home when prospective buyers are coming in for a tour. There are several reasons for this, but the most notable are:

  • Homeowners make buyers uncomfortable

  • The house can feel crowded

  • You could say something you shouldn’t

  • You might appear desperate to sell

Let’s look at each of these - they’ll make you feel better about high-tailing it out of the house when buyers come to call.

#1. Homeowners make buyers uncomfortable.

Buyers want to explore your home, which they absolutely have to do if you expect them to make an offer - but if you’re hovering, they’re going to feel uncomfortable. They won’t ask their own real estate agent questions about the house (and they won’t feel right asking you, either), and they won’t be able to speak freely about what they think because they’ll be afraid to hurt your feelings or tip their hand.

#2. The house can feel crowded.

No matter how big your house is, when you’re there with prospective buyers - remember, you’re strangers to each other - the house will feel cramped. Buyers won’t even whisper to each other when they’re in another room because it’ll feel like you can hear everything - even if you’re hiding in a corner of the living room. (Definitely don’t do that!)

#3. You could say something you shouldn’t.

Sure, you know all about your home - but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t leave conveying the details between your real estate agent and the buyers’ agent. You could mention how much you love your home, which can make buyers feel like you won’t negotiate on the price, or you could reveal something that will bring in a low ball offer - like “Oh, we have to move by the end of the month and the house is just going to sit empty after that.”

#4. You might appear desperate to sell.

If you’re there bragging about your home, the buyers are going to feel weird about it - and you might look like you’re trying to twist their arms and make them buy. Think of the way you feel when you drive into a car dealership’s lot - you just want to look and weigh your options, because you’ve probably done a lot of your homework already - but a salesperson comes out and tries to influence your decision. It’s discomfiting, isn’t it?

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