Problems That Should Make You RUN, Not Walk, Away From a House

House-hunting is a lot of fun - you’ll see a wide range of homes, and you might even fall in love with one. But check out this list of issues that should make you run, not walk, away from a house - even if you really, really like it.

Problems That Should Make You RUN, Not Walk, Away From a House

These are problems that you probably don’t want to deal with (and if you think you do, you should talk to your real estate agent - she’ll be able to give you the guidance you need):

  • An oil-contaminated backyard

  • Water damage

  • A bad foundation

#1. An oil-contaminated backyard

Many homes built before 1975 used to run on oil - and a lot of times, homeowners had large oil tanks installed underground in the backyard. The big problem with that is that oil contaminates soil, so if the home you want to buy has that tank, contamination may be something you need to contend with.

#2. Water damage

Water damage is expensive to fix, it leads to big problems like mold, and it can even pose serious health risks. If the home you want to buy has water damage, whether it’s on the ceiling, in the walls, or even stuck up in the attic, you’re probably looking at major repairs in the future.

#3. A bad foundation

Foundation problems are expensive, if not impossible, to fix. If the home you’re looking at has jagged cracks in the walls, the paint is uneven around doors or windows (or doors or windows stick), or you feel like you’re walking on a slope, you’re seeing signs of foundation problems.

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