Moving? Don't Pack These 7 Items

When you buy a new home for sale in Lakewood or Long Beach, there’s a move in your future - but if you’re like most people, you think of moving in more abstract terms. That’s normal… but check out this list of seven items you shouldn’t pack before moving day.

Moving? Don't Pack These 7 Items

When you’re moving, whether you’re doing it yourself or you’ve hired professional movers, it’s tempting to stash everything in boxes and handle it all when you get to your new home. However, these are seven things you should never pack:

  1. Medications and toiletries. You definitely want to keep out all the medications you and your family will need, but don’t forget to leave out toiletries. When you get to your new home - or if you have to stay an extra night in the old one - you’ll want to make sure you have shampoo and conditioner, soap, toothpaste and toothbrushes, and all your other essentials.

  2. Important documents. Keep your identification out of the moving boxes, and don’t pack up important papers like closing documents, birth certificates, Social Security cards or other documents that you need to keep track of. When they’re packed away, it may take you time to get to them again - and you want to know where they are just in case you need them.

  3. Valuable keepsakes. Hand-carry anything valuable between your old house and your new house. Don’t take the risk of letting movers handle your valuable keepsakes - anything could happen. It’s always best if you personally pack up the things that are most important to you and move them yourself.

  4. Phone and laptop chargers. Having a dead (or almost-dead) phone is the worst, so keep your chargers out and in a special (and clearly labeled) bag. Stash it on the front seat of your car while the movers are there so they don’t pick it up and put it in the truck.

  5. A shower curtain, towels and washcloths. You’re going to want to shower at the end of moving day, even if you hired movers - and to prevent yourself from freezing while you do it, you’ll want to have a shower curtain (or at least a shower curtain liner) on-hand. Store the curtain with a set of towels and washcloths that your whole family will appreciate.

  6. Paper plates. Whether you buy the movers pizza or you head to the store and grab stuff for sandwiches, having paper plates and disposable cutlery on-hand will make moving day - and the next several days - a lot easier.

  7. Pet toys and food. Your pets need comfort items like their toys, beds and blankets, so leave those out in a special box. You can even put the box in your car with the bag of phone and laptop chargers until the movers are finished.

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