Locally Lit: The Best Bookshops in Lakewood & Long Beach

If you’re an avid reader and you’re moving to Lakewood and Long Beach, you’re in luck. Here’s a list of our favorites bookshops in these beautiful cities.

Locally Lit: The Best Bookshops in Lakewood & Long Beach

  • BookOff

  • Once Read Books

  • Gatsby Books

  • Planet Books

  • A Castle of Books


Lakewood Center Mall
Candlewood Street

This mainly California-chain bookstore is an amazing place. You can sell your already-read books to them and pick up new favorites while you shop. In a charming, relaxed, almost library-like environment, you’ll encounter the classics, offbeat and fun books, and everything in between.

Once Read Books

5422 East Village Road
Long Beach

Featuring a wide range of used, rare and out-of-print books (including signed copies), Once Read Books is a great place to get your literary fill. You’ll find shelves stacked high with amazing books spanning every genre.

Gatsby Books

5535 East Spring Street
Long Beach

Gatsby Books has an extensive selection of new and used books, and it’s definitely the place to be for author events and poetry readings. This charming, cozy bookshop is “the literary heart of Long Beach” for a reason!

Planet Books

3917 East Anaheim Street
Long Beach

Planet Books is a compact store, but there’s so much inside. You’ll find a fabulous range of used books, collectibles and even vintage toys inside. It’s definitely worth a trip if you’re in the area.

A Castle of Books

484 West Willow Street
Long Beach

A Castle of Books is an amazing used book seller with a wide selection of titles. You’ll find graphic novels, comics and movies on the shelves, too. This cozy book nook has plenty of hard-to-find reads.

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