Interested in Buying a New Construction? 3 Reasons You Need Your Own Agent

So you’ve found a new home development. The model homes are stunning, and the community has everything you’ve always wanted. A clubhouse with a pool and exercise room. Tennis and basketball courts. It’s not too far from work, but far enough from the hustle and bustle of the city. But before you get the ball rolling with the builder’s agent, you should get an agent of your own. Here’s why.

The builder’s agent acts in the builder’s best interest, which is to get the highest price for their homes. So the agent won’t be eager to negotiate.

That’s where your agent comes in. Here are three specific reasons why you need one.

Negotiating Perks

Your agent can help you negotiate all kinds of upgrades and amenities, like upgraded countertops and appliances. And, if the housing development is in its early stages, he or she can negotiate on things like exterior finishes and paint colors.

Recommending Mortgage Financing

The builder’s agent will usually have a lender that they will encourage you to use, but your agent can help make sure you have options and get the mortgage that best fits your needs.

Ordering and Overseeing a Home Inspection

Your home will be brand-spanking new, so it’ll be OK to skip an inspection, right? Actually, no. The number of defects found in newly-built homes can sometimes be as many as those found in resale houses. And it’s not likely that the builder’s agent will urge you to order an inspection. Your agent can help make it happen.

Be sure to have your agent go with you on your first visit to the builder’s agent because the builder will be responsible for paying your agent’s commission, and some builders may refuse to pay the commission if you don’t register your agent on your first visit.

All things considered, the builder’s agent is an important source for information about the construction of your potential new home, amenities within the new community, and the community surrounding the development.

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