How to Take Measurements Before You Buy Furniture Online

Online shopping is convenient. You look, you like, you point, you click. Not too long afterward the item is at your doorstep. When it comes to things like clothes and shoes, if you end up not liking what you’ve purchased once they’re in-hand—or if they simply don’t fit—you can give them to someone, or send them back.

But when it comes to furniture, things can get a little more complicated if the pieces don’t fit.

Consider these tips on how to make sure that the dimensions of a potential purchase can fit within your space.

Measure More Than Once 

No matter how beautiful a piece of furniture is, and how much you may fall in love with it online, if it doesn’t fit in your space it’s a no-go. Without being able to visit a brick-and-mortar store to see your item in-person and get a clear picture of its size, taking the time to double-check that it’ll fit is paramount.

First, read through the product listing of your online item to find its dimensions. If info on the dimensions isn’t available it’s best to move on. Once you have the dimensions use painter’s tape (or string) to outline the space your piece will occupy by measuring and cutting the tape according to the dimensions detailed online. This will provide a visual to help you better understand how the item will relate to your space. If your furniture expands, like a sleeper sofa for instance, make sure your measurements accommodate for the expansion.

Don’t forget to measure doorways and stairways, which are often overlooked. If your piece comes preassembled you need to make sure it can fit through these sometimes narrow spaces to ensure that your furniture vision comes to fruition.

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