How to Keep Cool in Your Long Beach Home Without Using Your A/C

Summers in Long Beach can bring sweltering heat. Consider these four tips to help you chill without running up your cooling bill.

Put Yourself on Ice

Well, not literally. But close. Here’s the deal. Fill a bowl with ice. Place the bowl in front of a large fan and position the bowl so that air blows across the ice. The chilled air will help keep you chilled. You can also use an ice pack instead of a bowl of ice. Along the same lines, place your bed sheets in the freezer and just before you turn in for the night dress your bed and keep the heat at bay.

Have a Lightbulb Moment

If you have incandescent light bulbs throughout your home you might consider making a change this summer. According to the Center for Sustainable Energy, incandescent bulbs waste 90 percent of the energy they use. That wasted energy is given off as heat. Consider switching over to CFLs (compact fluorescent lamps), or to LEDs (light emitting diodes), which are much more efficient. Not only can CFLs and LEDs play a role in keeping your home cooler, but they can help lower your electric bill in the process.

The Nighttime Is the Right Time

The heat generated by using appliances like ovens and dryers during the height of daytime outdoor temperatures can make your already hot home even hotter. Consider using these appliances in the evening when the outdoor temps have cooled-off some. To further minimize added heat inside your home run your dishwasher in the evening, only when it’s full, and try cleaning dishes by hand once or twice a week.   

Lower Your Internal Thermostat

Don’t forget to do the easy things to keep cool, like staying hydrated and dressing in cool clothes. You might even consider cooling the pulse points on your body by applying ice cubes wrapped in a towel or a cloth to areas like your neck, elbow, or wrists. You can also cool down your feet, ankles, knees, and thighs.


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