How Much Holiday Decor Should You Put Up When You’re Selling Your Home?

If you’re like many people selling a home this holiday season, you’re wondering how much holiday decor is appropriate while your house is on the market. Your Lakewood REALTOR® can give you specific guidance based on your neighborhood and her personal experience, but these are good general guidelines to follow.

How Much Holiday Decor Should You Put Up When You’re Selling Your Home?

You should be exceptionally careful when you’re choosing holiday decor if your house is on the market. The biggest risk you run is getting buyers to focus more on the decor and less on the house – and if that means skipping a holiday tree or keeping the inflatables out of your yard until next year, you may have to bite the bullet in order to sell your home.

Use these tips to keep your holiday decor appropriate but still cheerful:

  1. Depersonalize your decorations
  2. Keep up with the Joneses
  3. Forego a holiday tree
  4. Focus on scents
  5. Go easy on the lights

Here’s a closer look at each.

Depersonalize Your Decorations

Try to avoid overtly religious holiday decor, as well as anything personal – and keep your holiday cards tucked away rather than on display.

Keep Up With the Joneses

Match your home to the level of holiday spirit the other homes on your block have. You don’t want to have the most-decorated house, and you definitely don’t want to have the least-decorated house. You want to fall somewhere in the middle.

Forego a Holiday Tree

Unfortunately, Christmas trees are a lose-lose situation when you’re selling your home. If the tree is too big, it’ll make your space appear cluttered; if it’s too small, it’ll look lonely and out of place. You should skip the Christmas tree this year – and you can do it as big (or as small) as you want to next year.

Focus on Scents

Think more about the experience prospective buyers will have in your home than about what you’re putting on display. Simmer some cider on the stove before a showing, or bake a batch of sugar cookies you can leave on the counter for buyers. Those scents do more than any holiday display can!

Go Easy on the Lights

Don’t go all-out with holiday lights inside or outside your home. Just a few strands of white lights are more than enough to show a little holiday spirit.


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