How Long Should Your Air Conditioner Last? 2 Major Things to Know

Air conditioners are durable appliances, and with the proper maintenance a system can last between 12 and 17 years, according to HVAC specialists at home-improvement site But the lifespan of your system largely depends on how often and how long you use it—based on the climate where you live.


In cool climates there’s obviously less of a need for air conditioning. But in hotter weather conditions, like those here in SoCal, you may run your A/C for many months out of the year, and during the hottest periods—virtually all day. This can wear down your system. Here are two important things to know about your A/C.


Commit to Ongoing Maintenance

Scheduling routine maintenance for your air conditioner isn't an elective task, because some manufacturer warranties require it. You should schedule comprehensive system maintenance to ensure that your A/C runs smoothly and efficiently.


Maintenance should go beyond a visual inspection, and include an in-depth test of primary components, like the compressor-condenser, the blower and fan, and sometimes even the air ducts, say HVAC professionals.


It may seem obvious that maintenance is needed when your air conditioner grinds, grates, whines, rattles, or doesn't blow cool air. But even an underutilized A/C needs to be inspected to ensure that it still functions properly. An underuse or sporadic high use of your A/C could be as detrimental as heavy overuse.


Replacing Your A/C May Be Wiser Than Repairing It


When should you replace your A/C? Replacing your system can sometimes make more sense than trying to repair it. That’s because technological advances over the past 10 years have made newer models far more energy-efficient than their predecessors. They're also typically much quieter.


The cost of replacing your A/C can prove to be well worth it. A more efficient new model may help you save on energy bills, and it may last longer, too.

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