Don't Make These 3 Packing Mistakes (or You'll Risk Breaking Your Stuff)

When you buy a home for sale in Lakewood or Long Beach, you’ll have to eventually pack up your belongings and move them to your new place (unless you’ve hired a moving company, of course). If you are packing things up yourself, here are three packing mistakes you need to avoid.

Don't Make These 3 Packing Mistakes (or You'll Risk Breaking Your Stuff)

These are worst things you can do when you’re packing:

  1. Overload boxes.

  2. Pack breakables the wrong way.

  3. Packing things you don’t need.

Let’s take a closer look at each.

#1. Don’t Overload Boxes

Two words: Book boxes. Books are extremely heavy, so they belong in smaller boxes. You always have to make sure you’re distributing weight evenly throughout your boxes so none of them are unbearably heavy. Don’t pack an entire set of dumbbells in one large box, for example; spread them out through several smaller boxes, and use pillows, blankets, towels and other light items to fill up the rest of the space.

#2. Don’t Pack Breakables the Wrong Way

You already know that you’re taking a risk when you pack your dishes, art and other breakables, but you can mitigate that by using the right packing materials. Bubble wrap, recyclable paper and even sheets, towels and blankets can protect your fragile items. Also, stand plates on their sides - that way, if there’s an impact, they’re less likely to break.

#3. Don’t Pack Things You Don’t Need

When you’re packing up your home, you’ll find all kinds of things you used to love and stashed away. If you’re finding things that it’s been years since you’ve seen, it can take valuable time away from your packing - so move them if you must, but set aside time to go through them when you’re in your next home (to save yourself from this issue next time). Also, consider getting rid of things that you haven’t used in years so you don’t have to move things that you won’t ever use again.

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