Do You Need Your Own Real Estate Agent When You Buy New Construction?

If you’re buying new construction in Lakewood, Long Beach or anywhere else, you need your own REALTOR® – you shouldn’t use the agent the builder has in the office. Here’s why.

Do You Need Your Own Real Estate Agent When You Buy New Construction?

You absolutely need your own real estate agent when you buy new construction. Sure, the builder will most likely have a real estate agent right in his or her office, and that agent can definitely sell you a home – but you have to remember one thing: The builder’s agent will always have the builder’s best interest in mind. That means selling you the costliest home possible so the builder can make as much money as possible.

So where does your real estate agent come in?

What Your Agent Will Do for You When You Buy New Construction

Your agent should go with you on your first visit to talk to a builder about buying a home. The builder is going to be responsible for paying your agent’s commission, so you should let the agent in the builder’s office know that you’re being represented by your own agent – one who puts your best interests first.

Your REALTOR’s job is to get you the best home possible for your money, and to smooth out the entire buying process for you. He or she can:

  1. Negotiate “extras.” If you want upgrades in your home, your REALTOR will help you get them in the easiest, most hassle-free and most affordable way.
  2. Recommend financing options. Most builders have a “preferred” lender they work with, but your agent can help protect your interest and make sure you’re getting a mortgage that really works for you.
  3. Oversee the inspection. Although you’re buying new construction, you’ll still need a home inspection. And if something comes up in the inspection (it will – even new homes have issues), your agent can work with the builder’s agent to resolve any problems before you sign the dotted line.

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