5 Ways to Add French Country Style to Your Home


French country style is characterized by a rustic, but elegant, aesthetic that mixes elements like traditional freestanding furniture, wood, and stone, along with a color palette that favors soft blues, off-whites, and yellows. Consider these five ways to bring French country flair to your home, which we've summarized from Homes & Gardens magazine.

Layers Make the Look


French country style uses layers to create a sense of unstudied elegance. Adding pattern to your decor can help build these layers. Wallpaper is a great opportunity to incorporate pattern into your spaces. Consider using wallpaper in a portion of your entryway to set the tone for the French country style that's to come.


Find a Balance Between Formal and Casual


In your dining room, avoid creating a space that's overly formal, or too casual. French country strikes a balance between the two. Consider anchoring your space with a distressed wooden table. If your dining room has an ornate fireplace, tone down its stately appearance by accessorizing with items that are more whimsical in nature.


Remember to Go Rustic


French country kitchens are all about rustic charm. Consider using a neutral color palette and surfaces that patina with time, like a tumbled travertine marble floor. The stone, and its color, can handle heavy foot traffic, and add just the right amount of rusticism to your space. A few open shelves contribute to a timeless look.


Focus on the Bed

With your bed as the center of attention, consider dressing it with natural linens, like organic hemp, and layering on a mix of solid colors and patterns. Give your bedroom the appearance that its furnishings were collected over time by using mismatched end tables instead of a matching set. A handmade rug adds to a natural vibe.

 In the Bathroom


If you use wallpaper in the bathroom think about choosing a look that's nature-focused, perhaps with a pastoral scene, trees, or plants. Shades of blue and green are in keeping with French country vibes. One caveat, though: Avoid hanging your wallpaper too close to the shower, and make sure your bathroom has an overhead fan to cut down on condensation and steam.

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