5 Tricks to Make Your Windows Look Bigger

You don’t need to change out your windows. You need only change the way you see them. Amplify the presence of your windows using these tricks.

Widen and heighten the look of your windows with a simple rod adjustment.

Curtain rods can be a magic wand for larger-looking windows. Achieve the illusion of added width by allowing the rod to overhang the window frame—some experts cheat by up to 15 inches on each side. Drapes that meet the end of the window frame and extend along the overhang will trick the eye into thinking that part of the wall is actually your window pane. Use a thick fabric when attempting to pull off this trick. A skimpy one won’t hide the point where the window frame ends, since light will pass through.

For a taller-looking window simply hang the same curtain rod at or near the ceiling.

Exaggerate window height using shades.

The right shade placement can help your windows gain a little height, too. The trick is to hang the shades directly beneath the curtain rod to create the illusion of taller windows.

Hide walls using curtains.

If you’ve got windows that meet at a 90-degree angle, cover the portion of the wall between them with curtains. This will make it difficult to determine where the windows stop and the walls start, making the windows seem more expansive.

Beef-up your window frames.

Get your window frames into the game by using thick, substantial frames that are larger than the average dimensions. The added mass around regular-sized windows can make your windows appear larger. Here’s another trick. You can achieve a similar effect by painting wide frames around your windows, expanding their presence on your walls.

Hang curtains with vertical or horizontal patterns.

This is probably one of the easiest tricks in the book. Play with the eye by hanging curtains with either vertical or horizontal patterns. Vertical patterns, like stripes, will draw the eye upward and add height to your windows. Horizontal patterns can add a sense of width.

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