5 Plants You Should Never Put in Your Yard

Everyone wants a beautiful outdoor living space – but there are some plants that are a nightmare you should avoid. Whether you’re buying a home for sale in Lakewood or you already own one here, check out this quick list of five plants you should never put in your yard… unless you’re a glutton for punishment.


5 Plants You Should Never Put in Your Yard

According to Utah State University horticulturist Jerry Goodspeed, “Just like the human world, the plant world has freeloaders that let other plants do all the work while they kick back and enjoy themselves.” And it’s not just him – all kinds of horticulturists warn against parasitic plants that suck the life out of your yard.


So what plants should you avoid (or at least take extra care of)?

·         Bamboo

·         English ivy

·         Privet

·         Vinca

·         Wisteria



Bamboo looks amazing as a privacy screen, but it can spread as much as 5 feet in just a year – and it brings invasive bugs and disease that can damage other plants.


English Ivy

English ivy is a haven for rats, and it’s responsible for tree death. It establishes what’s called a monoculture – that means it dominates an area and extinguishes other plant species to do it.



Privet can grow up to 30 feet high, and while it looks great when it’s well-trimmed, it can get so thick that it actually traps small mammals. It draws pests into your yard, too.



Don’t let its pretty purple flowers fool you – vinca is very aggressive, and it takes root wherever it touches the soil.



Wisteria is fast-growing, and it can choke out other species in a matter of months. Two varieties – Chinese and Japanese – are invasive, and their vines can work their way into your gutters, under your roof and through your drain pipes.


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