5 Must-Haves for a Coastal Mudroom

When you live near the coast time spent out in the ocean means you don’t bring sand to the beach, but the other way around. Here’s to a mudroom that’s equipped to handle the aftermath of a day of fun in the sun, and do it with a little coastal style.

Coastal Style

Utility does not mean devoid of beauty. Mudrooms can be functional and still display the coastal style of your home. Navy blue-and-white and beige colors, as well as nautical stripes, are hallmarks of coastal design. Since mudroom floors need to be hardwearing, ceramic planks in a driftwood hue—and planks in other light colors—can be perfect for conveying a coastal theme.


Hooks for beachy hats, raincoats, jackets, and other outdoor gear are necessities. And you must have bench seating—how else will you unlace those muddy boots, soggy shoes, and sneakers with soles stained green from cutting the lawn?

Wash & Go Ready

After a day of fun in the sun your beach towels and blankets retain bits of sand within their fibers, no matter how much you try to shake them out. A mudroom that’s equipped with a washer and dryer lets you check your sandy pieces at the door so they can receive a thorough cleaning.

Coastal Cubbies

A mudroom simply isn’t a mudroom without storage. Once your beach towels and blankets have been laundered, they can be folded and stored in their own cubbies for easy grab-and-go access on your next outing to the ocean. A place for everything, and everything in its place.


Just because your mudroom is a place for sorting, storing, washing, and organizing, you can still carve out space for the kids with a chalkboard wall, and maybe a basket with some of their favorite gadgets. While you put on a load of laundry you can keep an eye on them as they doodle and play. You may even get them to give you a hand.

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