5 Mistakes Buyers Make Around Home Inspections

When you’re buying a home in Lakewood or Long Beach, you need a home inspection – and it’s one of the most important aspects of the transaction. Unfortunately, many people make some serious mistakes when it comes to having a home inspected… so here they are, in no particular order, so you can avoid them.


5 Mistakes Buyers Make Around Home Inspections

First things first: You absolutely need a home inspection before you buy a house. Without one, you have no way to back out of the deal if there’s something wrong with the house – and you won’t even know what you’re getting into when you buy.


Provided buyers do get a home inspection, these are five common mistakes people make:


  • Choosing the cheapest inspector

  • Not being there

  • Not going room to room with the inspector

  • Overreacting to flaws

  • Not having repairs reinspected

Choosing the Cheapest Inspector

When you’re hiring a home inspector, you typically get what you pay for – and you need to pay for brutal honesty. Naturally, you should hire an affordable inspector, but you don’t always want to hire the cheapest. The most important thing is to hire someone who has a great reputation as a home inspector.


Not Being There

You should absolutely go with the home inspector when he or she conducts the inspection. You’re the one paying for it, and you can be there to ask questions and hear the inspector’s take on the home.


Not Going Room to Room With the Inspector

You don’t have to wait outside while the inspector is inside – there’s no point to you going if you’re going to do that! Instead, go room to room with your inspector to make sure your questions are answered. (Just try to stay out of the way!)


Overreacting to Flaws

No house is perfect… not even new construction. When your inspection report turns up flaws in the home – and it will – the key is to not overreact. If it’s something horrible (like the house is sinking and there’s black mold growing under the carpet), you can most likely back away from the deal and keep your earnest money deposit intact. If it’s something you can use as a negotiation tool, then your real estate agent will encourage you to do so and guide you through the process.


Bottom line: Every house has flaws, and you can’t overreact to them or you may miss out on getting a great home that’s otherwise just right for you.


Not Having Repairs Reinspected

When you use issues as a negotiation tool and ask the seller to make repairs, you need to have them reinspected. You can’t just trust the seller and his or her repairperson – otherwise, if the work isn’t up to snuff (or worse, isn’t up to code), you’re the only one to blame.


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