5 Best Coffee Shops in Long Beach

If you’re buying a home for sale in Long Beach, you’ve probably had some time to explore the community - but if you’re a coffee aficionado, you’ll love knowing about these cozy little hotspots to grab your favorite roast.

5 Best Coffee Shops in Long Beach

This list isn’t in any particular order - these are just a few fabulous coffee shops that you should definitely check out while you’re looking for your new home:

  • The Library: A Coffee House

  • Recreational Coffee

  • Steelhead Coffee

  • Cuppa Cuppa

  • Fox Coffee House

The Library: A Coffee House

3418 East Broadway

The Library: A Coffee House is a cozy little place for coffee, tea and light fare. This charming spot has ultra-comfy chairs for reading titles off the shelves, working on your laptop or chatting with friends.

Recreational Coffee

237 Long Beach Boulevard

This “chill” coffeehouse blends beautiful drinks. Featuring what they call thoughtfully sourced coffee, organic dairy and light fare, it’s a great place to stop when you’re in the area.

Steelhead Coffee

1208 East Wardlow Road

Enjoy specialty coffee, organic breakfast and sandwiches in this cozy coffee shop on Wardlow Road. You’ll love the atmosphere and tasty pastries, and there’s plenty of parking outside, too.

Cuppa Cuppa

455 East Ocean Boulevard

Cuppa Cuppa is a cafe and espresso bar featuring delectable pastries, smoothies and sandwiches. You can sit inside and enjoy your order or dine outside on the beautifully designed patio.

Fox Coffee House

437 West Willow Street

Fox Coffee House offers craft coffee and espresso drinks, as well as vegan pastries and sandwiches. The environment is great - there’s enough seating and a great atmosphere for working or chatting.

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