5 Amazing Lakewood Restaurants to Try This Month

Sushi, macaroni and cheese, pizza, sandwiches, smoothies, or Mexican food, the Lakewood area has a spot for every craving and diet. Whether you’re with a group of meat lovers, vegetarians, vegans, or all of the above, these five restaurants will satisfy everyone.

  1. Mamma’s Sushi
  2. Elbows Mac N’ Cheese
  3. Chicago’s Pizza With a Twist
  4. 2nd Healthy Eatery
  5. El Torazo

Mamma’s Sushi

Located at 5679 Woodruff Ave, Mamma’s Sushi offers combination lunch and dinner options with rice, soup, salad and fruit. Or customize your meal with plenty of sushi roll choices along with appetizers and salads. Several dishes can be made vegetarian and vegan.


Elbows Mac N’ Cheese

Elbows Mac N’ Cheese at 1405 South St, Cerritos, takes a twist on the classic comfort dish by using gourmet ingredients. The options of gluten-free pasta and vegan cashew cheese make this restaurant inclusive to dietary needs. Sub out the macaroni for tots or fries if you’re in a loaded potato mood.


Chicago’s Pizza With a Twist

Located at 11767 South St, Artesia, Chicago’s Pizza With a Twist has endless pizza toppings. Go for a classic pepperoni or switch it up and add more unique ingredients including vegan cheese, tandoori chicken, Halal meats, Tequila-Lime Sauce, or Mango Habanero Sauce.

2nd Healthy Eatery

Located at 16203 Clark Ave, Bellflower, 2nd Healthy Eatery is a sandwich, salad, smoothie, and dessert shop perfect for when you’re craving something healthy but still hearty. Also serves breakfast sandwiches so stop in any time of the day. 2nd Healthy Eatery has a separate vegetarian/vegan menu with lots of choices.



El Torazo

El Torazo at 14201 Bellflower Blvd, Bellflower has meaty or veggie Mexican options. Vegans and vegetarians can sub out meat for potatoes or portabello mushrooms. Choices included burritos, tacos, bowls, and even breakfast options.


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