4 Ways to Enhance the Entryway Inside of Your Lakewood Home

The entryway of your home is an introduction to the design aesthetic that makes your residence uniquely yours. Take your entry to the next level by incorporating some of these ideas.

A Welcoming Runner

Roll out the red carpet with a carpet runner that gives your guests a warm welcome. A long runner can stretch the eye forward, lengthening your entryway and making your space feel larger. The color and pattern you choose should be a prelude to the décor to come. A patterned carpet can help hide stains from heavy foot traffic.

A Decorative Mirror

If you have a small or narrow entryway adding a mirror can help reflect light and make it appear larger. On a more practical note a mirror can let your guests check themselves out after they enter your home, as well as allow you to give yourself a once-over before you head out of the door.

A Console Table

A stylish console table can act as a multipurpose piece of furniture in your entry. Not only can it be staged with accessories that give a nod to the design that lay ahead, but it can function as a place to store keys, mail, and to situate a lamp for ambient and task lighting.

A Dramatic Chandelier

Don’t miss the opportunity to wow your visitors with an eye-catching chandelier. If you live in a newly-built home you may decide to swap out a builder-grade light fixture for something that’s more in-line with your specific tastes. So why not go for a little drama?

Consider a geometric chandelier, which offers an architectural look and makes the eyes dance along its angular lines. If your style leans more toward a bohemian vibe then a wicker chandelier can be an option. Oversized wicker chandeliers in circular and oblong shapes are very popular. For a modern design that feels both luxurious and romantic a capiz shell chandelier can be a good choice.   

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