4 MORE Ways to Oust the Odor Inside of a Smoker’s House


If the lingering odor of cigarette smoke hangs in the air inside a house you’ve fallen in love with during your home search, you may understandably have serious reservations about moving forward with an offer. If you buy the house will you be able to rid it of the stench? 

Eliminating cigarette odor is no easy task because the smell permeates or coats nearly everything around it.

We’ve found four more ways to help get rid of the odor.

Getting an air filter

To clear the air, so to speak, you might consider investing in an indoor air filter, ideally one with a HEPA filter and charcoal odor pre-filter. Also, a dehumidifier can lessen the smell of smoke in humid weather.

If cigarette odors persist you can consider the options below. 

Cleaning the floors and carpets

You can sprinkle a smelly carpet with a deodorizing powder, like baking soda, but if the smell remains you may want to have the carpets professionally steam cleaned. If all else fails, you may need to have the carpets replaced. 

For wood or tile floors make sure you vacuum all corners and crevices where smelly dust can settle, then clean each surface using the recommended cleaner.

Washing the drapes 

Fabrics are sponges for the smell of cigarette smoke, and few materials can retain that odor better. So if your potential new home comes with window treatments you can have them cleaned—some may be able to be washed, others may require steam cleaning. You can rent a steam cleaner, or you may opt to hire a pro. If the smell lingers after cleaning, it’s best to replace the drapes.

Cleaning the kitchen cabinets

Over time kitchen cabinets can become coated with layers of grease and grime. This sticky coating can capture and hold smelly cigarette dust. 

Take time to wipe down the kitchen cabinets using the recommended cleaner. If the smell of cigarettes persists in the kitchen you may have to invest time in giving the cabinets a facelift, which can mean sanding down the surfaces (if the cabinets are made of solid wood, and not a composite), cleaning away the dust, and painting the cabinets with an odor-neutralizing primer. Next, apply one or two coats of your desired color. If you don’t want to paint the cabinets, stain them after sanding.

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