4 MORE Hacks to Make Life Around the House Easier

Homes have lots of moving parts, and maintaining yours can sometimes be a tough task. Here are four tips to help make things around the house a little bit easier.


Silence Squeaky Door Hinges Without WD-40

If you're the first to rise in the morning, and squeaky door hinges signal your every move, you can silence them—and you don't need a can of WD-40. Simply moisten a paper towel with cooking oil and rub the oil into the hinges of your doors. The oil will lubricate the hinges and silence even the squeakiest offenders.


Freshen Your Fridge Without Baking Soda

You don't always need a box of baking soda to cut down on food odors in your refrigerator. Simply soak a cotton ball with vanilla extract, or another fragrant extract—like orange, place it on a small dish, and position the dish on a shelf in the back of your refrigerator. The aroma will fill the air and freshen your fridge.

Freshen Your Trash Can Without Scented Bags


You don't have to spend extra money on fragrant trash bags in order to cut down on food funk. After you dump your trash, before you insert a new bag, line the bottom of the can with newspaper to catch and absorb leaks. Now here's the trick: Layer a few scented dryer sheets on top of the newspaper to help combat food odors. After you insert your new trash bag, place a couple of dryer sheets inside of there, too. Voila.

A Trick for Keeping Your Baseboards Clean

Baseboards in your home can collect dirt, especially along areas with heavy foot traffic—and especially if you’ve got small children and pets. Here’s an easy way to help keep them clean. First, wash down your baseboards using water and dish liquid, and dry them thoroughly. Now here’s the trick: Take a dryer sheet and rub it along the surfaces of your baseboards. The sheet will help keep your baseboards clean by repelling dirt, dust, pet fur, and hair.


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