4 Furniture Arrangement Mistakes to Avoid

When you situate furniture in your home you want a layout that enhances the function and look of each space. But what may initially seem to be a clever configuration could actually undermine those efforts. Avoid these furniture arrangement mistakes.

Furniture Arrangement Mistake #1: Placing Backs Against the Wall

It’s easy to think that placing your furniture against the walls will give you more room and make your space look bigger. While your room might feel bigger you and your guests may have to raise your voices to carry on a conversation. So don’t be afraid to bring your sofa and chairs closer together for a cozier setting—especially if you’ve got a fireplace.

Furniture Arrangement Mistake #2: Tipping the Scales

A room with the majority of furniture on one side can make a space feel out of balance. The positioning of pieces doesn’t have to be symmetrical, but one side shouldn’t be heavily populated and the other side sparse. If you have a sofa or love seat on one end of your living room balance things out by placing two chairs on the opposite side. If you’ve got two sofas or love seats in a space they should be placed opposite each other. In each instance an ottoman or a coffee table situated at a midpoint between the seating can center your room.

Furniture Arrangement Mistake #3: Disrupting the Flow of Traffic

How you move about a room is dependent on where you place your furniture. Be sure that people can get in and out of your furniture groupings without having to sidestep or maneuver between pieces. Make sure there is a clear path between entries and exits to your rooms—don’t block the flow of traffic.

Furniture Arrangement Mistake #4: Choosing Furniture That Doesn’t Do Double Duty

When choosing furniture opt for pieces that have double functions. Pick ottomans and breakfast benches with storage. Maybe even a sofa bed in the living room to accommodate unexpected overnight guests.

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