4 Front Yard Curb Appeal Tips for an Impressive Lawn

Whether you’re looking to buy a home, or preparing to sell yours, you want the impression it gives to be love at first sight. Curb appeal can help establish that love connection and make the difference between a potential buyer doing a rolling stop past your home, or stopping to take a look inside. Consider these four tips to create a lawn with winning curb appeal.

Do a Soil Test Before Fertilizing 

Of course you want a greener lawn and your first impulse may be to fertilize. But before you make a move you need to know your soil’s concentration of three important nutrients: nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus. Each performs a different function and it’s good to know if you’re lacking in one, or if you have too much of another, so you can properly supplement your soil. 

The way to find your soil’s nutrient composition is to perform a soil test. Soil tests are simple and test kits are relatively inexpensive. You can find them at your local hardware store. Knowing your soil’s nutrient content can help you nourish it properly and transform it from a lackluster lawn into a lush landscape.

Don’t Mow Too Low

If you cut your grass too low it can stunt the growth of its roots and hinder its ability to absorb water and nutrients from the soil. The general rule of thumb is to only cut a third off the top. After all, grass is a plant and needs photosynthesis in order to thrive and stay green. Also, longer blades of grass can help prevent weeds by establishing a barrier between the ground and their seeds.

Give Your Yard an Edge

Edging your grass is basically creating a crisp outline around the perimeter of your yard, including around places like the front sidewalk, the pathway to your door, around raised garden beds, and the area where your yard meets the front steps.

To achieve a crisp edge you can use a string trimmer, or you may opt for a rotary edger, which uses blades that roll over and cut grass to create a sharp edge. For a little more power and less effort consider using an electric edger or a gas edger. 

Water Your Lawn Weekly, Not Daily

Avoid watering your grass every day. Instead, give it about one or two inches of water per week, if it hasn’t rained. This will help promote root growth. One way to know if your grass needs water is if it has become brittle underfoot, or if it doesn’t spring back after you step on it.


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