3 Ways to Kill Weeds Using Heat

And we’re not talking about hoping for a drought.

Weeds are probably the only element in most yards that need absolutely no maintenance to stay alive. You don't have to water them. You don't have to fertilize them. They flourish all on their own and will grow out of control and takeover if you allow them. Despite drought and frost many weeds persist unscathed, while your plants suffer if not given special attention. Consider these three ways to help get rid of weeds using varying degrees of heat.

Boiling Hot Water

In Medieval times castle defenders would pour boiling hot water from special windows within the fortress to prevent the invasion of attackers. You can use the same tactic to stop weeds from invading your gardens and landscape. Simply boil hot water and carefully pour a pitcher of it directly on weeds to kill them. You may need to repeat the process until the weeds begin to display visual signs of deterioration.

Generating Heat Using Plastic

Plastic can harness the power of the sun to generate enough heat to kill weeds. In the fall, after harvest, cover a planting bed using dark landscape plastic—you can secure the perimeter using bricks or rocks—and keep the cover in place over the winter season. Sunshine will heat the plastic, and the temperature of the soil beneath, and destroy the seeds of weeds. 

Scorching Weeds

If you’ve got large areas that are populated with weeds, you might consider scorching them. Weed burners available on the market can connect to standard propane tanks to scorch and kill weeds. Caveat: make sure the weeds are green, and not brown and dry, so that you scorch them and avoid starting a fire.

It’s imperative that you consult with local authorities before using a torch for weed control, since some jurisdictions may restrict or ban their use.


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