3 Times Home Staging Can Kill Your Sale

When you’re selling a home in Lakewood or Long Beach, you know how important it is to stage it properly. Staging makes your house as appealing as possible to prospective buyers – a wide range of them – and it enables them to focus on all your home’s best features.

But there are times when home staging has the opposite effect. Here’s what you need to know.

3 Times Home Staging Can Kill Your Sale

Home staging is great… but only if it’s great home staging. Here are three times home staging can actually kill your sale:

·         When your home is over-designed

·         When everything feels fake

·         When you’re drowning buyers in one style

#1. When Your Home is Over-Designed

The main purpose of staging is to give prospective buyers a nudge in the right direction when it comes to imagination. You want them to envision their stuff in your space, so look at it this way: Staging makes that possible, but your home is really the star. When your home looks like a museum, buyers will admire it – but they won’t get a “feel” for the house and all its great features.

How to prevent this sale killer: Keep things simple when it comes to furniture and décor. You don’t have to cover your whole home in décor!

#2. When Everything Feels Fake

Buyers don’t want to see your mess, but they do want to see that your home is lived-in. If you don’t live in it, that can be a little tricky – and you should rely on your real estate agent for guidance. However, that’s true even if you do live in the home; don’t use fake plants or a fake TV screen to stage a room. You don’t want to make buyers feel out of place because they’re in an unreal environment.

#3. When You’re Drowning Buyers in One Style

When people come to see your home, they want to envision their belongings in the space – but that’s tough to do when you’re immersing them in a singular style throughout the whole house. If everything is uniform, buyers are more likely to feel like they’re in a museum… and more than likely, they know that not everything they have is so well-matched, so they wouldn’t be able to achieve the same look (if they wanted to).

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