3 Things You MUST Do Before Your Movers Arrive

When you buy a new home in Lakewood or Long Beach, there’s a good chance that you’re going to hire movers to tackle all the big stuff. If that’s what you’re doing, make sure you handle these three very important tasks before they arrive on the big day.

3 Things You MUST Do Before Your Movers Arrive

Don’t forget to:

  • Clear a path

  • Protect your house

  • Pack up your kids and pets

Let’s take a closer look at each of these.

#1. Clear a path

Don’t make your movers run through an obstacle course to get your stuff out of the house - make sure they have a clear path. It’s not just courteous to do so… it’s self-protective, too. If movers trip and fall as they’re trying to navigate to the truck with your breakables, your breakables won’t make it to your new house intact.

This goes for parking, too. Make sure your driveway or a path to the front door is clear so that the movers can be more efficient and work faster (and that they won’t ding your car because they’re trying to move a bed frame or another big object in limited space).

#2. Protect your house

Identify the furniture that’ll go out your front door and move anything fragile in its path. Even light fixtures, mirrors and wall art should be removed from any area where furniture will travel.

While you’re at it, protect your floors. Let your movers know what type of floors you have in the house so they can bring the right materials - and if you have hardwoods, make sure your contract includes hardwood floor protection.

#3. Pack up your kids and pets

Keep the kids busy or send them to a friend’s house so they won’t be in the movers’ way - and so that it’s safer for them. If you have pets, close them off in a room and mark the door so movers won’t open it; it only takes one second for a pet to dart out the open front door and down the street, which isn’t good for anyone.

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