3 Things You Can Do to Make Your Home Sell Faster

If you’re like most people selling a home in Lakewood or Long Beach, you want to sell quickly – but can you really make an impact on how quickly offers start rolling in?




Here’s how.


3 Things You Can Do to Make Your Home Sell Faster


It should go without saying that home staging is absolutely necessary – but you can do more than create the perfect ambiance inside your home. Check out this list of three things you can do to help your real estate agent sell your home quickly… and at the right price.


  • Brighten up your space

  • Focus on energy efficiency

  • Boost your curb appeal


Brighten Up Your Space


When people come to tour your home, they want to see it – and you can help them do that by opening up all the blinds, throwing back the drapes and turning on the lights. The brighter a home is, the more likely it is to sell. That’s partly due to psychology (people like bright, open spaces) and partly due to common sense (buyers won’t buy what they can’t see).


Focus on Energy Efficiency


If you’ve made energy efficient upgrades, let your Realtor® know – she’ll put them in your home’s listing description so buyers can learn all about them. If you haven’t, now might be the right time to do so. You don’t have to do a complete overhaul. In fact, sometimes simply by installing a programmable thermostat or adding new weather stripping to doors and windows can seal the deal (no pun intended).


Boost Your Curb Appeal


When a buyer pulls up to your house, he or she starts forming an impression immediately. The way your home looks on the outside is a huge deal, because it gives your prospective buyers something to carry inside the house with them. If they had a negative impression outside, it’s going to be tough to reel them back in. Make sure the outside of your home looks fabulous – and consider making improvements, like repainting, wherever necessary. Just check with your Realtor before you make any major investments or changes.


Are You Selling a Home in Lakewood or Long Beach?


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