3 Things You Can Do to Help Your Realtor Sell Your Home Quickly

It’s your real estate agent’s job to sell your home – but there are three things you can do to help her find the right buyers who are willing to pay the right price. Check out this list of ways you can help to make sure your home sells quickly.


3 Things You Can Do to Help Your Realtor Sell Your Home Quickly


If your goal is to find a buyer for your home in the shortest amount of time possible – and to have that buyer offer you a fair, reasonable price – here’s what you need to do in addition to staging:


  • Clean the house every day

  • Build your own buzz about the house

  • Purge excess “stuff” that won’t help you sell


Clean the House Every Day


Keeping your home neat as a pin is essential. What buyers want to see is that the home you’re in is easy to maintain and well-kept, which means you have to make it guest-ready every day. The best idea is usually to start with a deep-clean – you can hire someone if you’re not up to the task – and then maintain it regularly. Don’t allow dust, dirty dishes or clutter to build up; make it your mission to clean the house every day. It’s always easier to maintain than it is to tackle a big job.


Build Your Own Buzz About the House


Your real estate agent will use premium property marketing techniques, including advertisements online and in print, 3D home tours and tons of other tactics – but you can create your own buzz about the house, too. Tell everyone you know that your house is for sale. Promote your home’s virtual tour on your own social media pages, too. You never know which friend or family member knows someone who’s looking for a new place!


Purge Excess “Stuff” That Won’t Help You Sell


Buyers want to see that they’ll have enough room for all their belongings if they buy your house. That means you have to create as much space as possible, and you can do that by minimizing your own belongings. You don’t have to actually get rid of things – instead, you can invest in a short-term storage unit to hold your excess “stuff” that you’ll use in your next home.


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