3 Things to Ask Before You Hire a Home Inspector

When you’re buying a home for sale in Lakewood or Long Beach, you’ll most likely have a home inspection performed by a qualified inspector.


But before you hire an inspector, these are the questions to ask.


3 Things to Ask Before You Hire a Home Inspector


A home inspection can make or break your deal – if the inspection turns up something you’re not willing to work with, you may be able to back out of the transaction with your earnest money intact. That means you need to work with an inspector who really knows his or her stuff… in the end, that’s what protects you from diving into a bad deal.


Here are the three questions you should ask when you’re interviewing potential home inspectors:


  • What do you check?

  • What don’t you check?

  • Can I come with you?


Pre-Inspection Question #1: What Do You Check?


The American Society of Home Inspectors, or ASHI, has a list containing more than 1,600 items that home inspectors are supposed to check when they’re working in and around a home. Typically, an inspector will look at everything from the foundation up – big and small. Your inspector should look at the home’s structure, its systems, and other things (like doorknobs, carpeting and other flooring, and a number of other features) to let you know what condition the home is in before you sign the dotted line that makes it yours.


Pre-Inspection Question #2: What Don’t You Check?


Home inspectors can only do visual inspections – they can’t cut a hole in a wall to get a closer look at pipes or anything like that. Sometimes, if an inspector suspects a problem, he or she will suggest that you hire a different type of inspector (like an HVAC professional, electrician or plumber) to dive in deeper. Many home inspectors don’t do pools, either, so if the home you’re interested in buying has one, talk to your Realtor® about hiring the right professional to have it checked out.


Pre-Inspection Question #3: Can I Come With You?


Most home inspectors don’t mind when the buyer tags along. In fact, most prefer it – good inspectors want owners to be there. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions along the way, too.


Pro tip: If an inspector says you can’t come, don’t hire that inspector. You want someone who’s completely on the up-and-up.


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