3 Things That Shouldn’t Be in Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is supposed to be a place of refuge and relaxation. But the peace and calm you seek can be undermined by clutter and distractions. Here are three sources of clutter and distraction to bounce from your boudoir.


Unfinished Crafts and Projects


It's easy to store unfinished crafts, projects, and other things on your To Do list, inside of your bedroom. But your place of rest, even if only for a few hours, should be off limits for such unfinished business— it can make you feel overwhelmed before your day even gets started.


Paperwork and Mail


Not only does the accumulation of papers and mail add physical clutter to your bedroom, it can also remind you of loose ends and prevent you from being able to relax.


If your bedroom doubles as your home office, consider taking about 15 minutes at the end of each day to tidy-up your desk. Get rid of items you no longer need, like mail you've opened and addressed, and written notes and reminders. File away documents and stow items you've used throughout the day so your workspace is buttoned-up before you tuck yourself in.


Lots of Knick-Knacks


It's easy to hold on to items from the past if they conjure a positive memory when you see them. It's also easy to hold on to too much.


Take some time to look over the items and decor in your bedroom. If your space has lots of knick-knacks that you've amassed over the years, and they don't hold any real meaning for you, maybe it's time to let some go. If you find that you've got lots of possessions that do have meaning, consider paring them down to a select few, and storing the rest.


Thinning-out your knick-knacks can not only help create more visual and surface space in your bedroom, but you can make room for new memories.


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