3 Things That Can Prevent You From Selling Your Home

Lots of things can prevent you from selling your home – but here are three of the biggest things we’ve seen in our decades of combined experience.

3 Things That Can Prevent You From Selling Your Home

First things first: Always listen to your Realtor® when she gives you advice on improvements you can make to sell your home faster and for more money.

That aside, though, check out these big issues that might leave your home sitting on the market until you’re tired of trying to sell it:

·         Ugly carpet

·         Dangerous issues like mold

·         Pets (but more than a few)

Ugly Carpet

Many buyers don’t want carpet as it is – but if it’s green shag carpet, you’re practically begging prospective buyers to keep looking. Sure, it’s a minor cosmetic flaw and buyers can replace the carpet inexpensively… but they don’t want to have to. Think about replacing your outdated carpet with hardwoods or another type of flooring, or, at the very least, a neutral shade of carpet before you list your house.

Dangerous Issues Like Mold

Buyers expect that you’ve done the proper maintenance on the home before they buy – it’s kind-of standard. Make sure you’ve addressed any major issues like water leaks, as well as potentially dangerous issues like mold, before you put your house on the market.


Pets can be a huge turnoff to prospective buyers. If you have a cat, for example, they might wonder how much hair is stuck in the carpet (especially if we’re going back to that green shag carpet); if you have a dog, they might think about how many accidents he or she had as a puppy around the house. Your best bet is to whisk away any evidence that pets live in your home long before prospective buyers show up to look at the house – take pet toys, beds, bowls and other accessories (as well as your pets!) with you when you leave for a showing.

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