3 More Signs You Need a New Roof

The age of your roofing, as well as weather conditions, play major roles in how long your roof lasts. Replacing your roof can be a major expense, so if you're wondering how to know when you need a new one, here are three more signs to be aware of.

Areas That Sag

A roof that droops or sags is in definite need of replacement because it has the potential to further damage your home, says BobVila.com. Check the lowest points of your roof for areas that sag, and for signs of trapped moisture like rotting fascia boards.

The Presence of Moss

The growth of moss (as well as mold and fungi) on shady corners of your roof is a sign that there may be trapped moisture. Such growths can ruin your roof. You may be able to get rid of surface moss yourself by using a stiff brush and water, but be sure to investigate further for underlying issues that may require roof replacement.

Shingles That Curl

Your roof’s shingles can curl for a number of reasons: they're old, they weren’t installed properly, you have insufficient ventilation in your attic, or because your roof has more than one layer. If your shingles are curling it's wise to have the roof checked as soon as possible. Curling can also indicate leaking, in which case your roof will likely need to be replaced.

It's Important to Know...

A few damaged shingles or a small leak doesn't automatically mean you need an entirely new roof. If your roof has been installed properly and is less than 15 or 20 years old, it may only require repairs and not a complete replacement. For roofing issues it's always best to consult a licensed roofing contractor for a professional assessment.

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