3 Home Improvements That Aren't Likely to Increase Resale Value

When you sell your home in Lakewood or Long Beach, you want to get the best possible price for it—and if you’re like most people, you consider making minor (or even major) home improvements to “up” your resale value.

Unfortunately, not all improvements bring a solid return on investment to the closing table.

3 Home Improvements That (Probably) Won’t Increase Resale Value

Most minor improvements, like fixing cracks in sidewalks, repainting, or even changing out old faucets in the bathroom for newer, shinier models do allow you to at least recoup your cost. Some of them will even raise your home’s value.

But some of what you may consider “improvements” are anything but improvements when it’s time to sell.

New Roof, Gutters, or HVAC System

Replacing a roof, installing new gutters, or swapping out your old HVAC system for a new one are all considered routine maintenance—they’re not home improvements. They’re expensive maintenance items, certainly, but they’re not home improvements… and most buyers won’t give you any kudos for these types of upgrades because, well, that’s what you were supposed to do as a homeowner anyway.

Swimming Pools and Spas

Installing a swimming pool is expensive. So is installing a personal spa. Statistically, you’re highly unlikely to get that money back when you sell your home—and what’s worse is that you could be alienating an entire segment of potential buyers. Some buyers won’t look at homes with pools, either because they don’t want to pay for maintenance and upkeep or they just don’t have any use for a swimming pool… so those potential buyers will look at other houses and not yours.

The only good reason to install a pool or spa in your home is that you’ll enjoy it and use it. If you want to add one to increase your resale value, you should seriously consider putting your money into something that does have a good return on investment—like bathroom or kitchen upgrades.

Extensive Landscaping

Minor landscaping usually pays off at the closing table—but turning your backyard into a perfectly manicured paradise usually doesn’t. It’s important to remember that landscaping choices are a personal preference, so what appeals to you may not appeal to potential buyers. Simple, neat and well-groomed is the way to go with your landscaping; save the Koi pond and waterfall for your next home.

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