3 Flaws in Your Home That Buyers Might Hate

If you’re selling your home in Lakewood or Long Beach, you need to know that buyers can be incredibly critical.

Check out these three flaws in your home that buyers might hate.

3 Flaws in Your Home That Buyers Might Hate

Your house isn’t going to stay in perfect condition the whole time you own it, but you do need to make as many improvements as possible before you put it on the market. These three flaws might be deal-breakers for buyers - but not necessarily because they’re so bad; because they create a poor impression of the house overall:

  • Torn or missing window screens

  • A grungy-looking tub

  • Door locks that don’t open smoothly

Torn or Missing Window Screens

Window screens don’t last forever, but they’re a cheap and easy fix. If yours have seen better days, replace them before you list your home. Window screens are just one example of something small (and something you likely don’t even notice while you’re living in the home) that can put off buyers in a big way.

A Grungy-Looking Tub

A grungy-looking tub - even if it’s spotless - can be a huge turnoff for buyers. That even goes for rust stains.

Take some time to fix up the way the tub or shower looks, and while you’re in there, think about replacing the faucets. Chances are pretty good that if your tub is old and worn, your faucets are, too.

Door Locks That Don’t Open Smoothly

Nobody wants to fight to get in the house. In fact, when buyers are on the front porch, the only thing they want to do is get in the house - and they want it to be easy. A sticky door lock that requires a small battle to open chisels away at the good first impression you gave buyers with your spectacular curb appeal.

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