3 Easy Bathroom Staging Hacks to Help You Sell for More

If you’re selling a home, you need to know that staging can make or break your deal. A home that’s staged properly sells faster and for more money than its non-staged counterparts do, so you don't want to miss out. With that said, check out these three easy bathroom staging hacks that can help you sell your home for a higher profit.

3 Easy Bathroom Staging Hacks to Help You Sell for More

Here are three easy tricks to implement in your bathroom:

  • Invest in fluffy, white towels
  • Bring in a live plant
  • Put up some art

Here’s a closer look at each.

Easy Bathroom Staging Hack #1: Invest in Fluffy, White Towels

fluffy, white towels make your bathroom look more like a spa, which is exactly what prospective buyers want to see. Head to your favorite HomeGoods store and pick out a full set, including hand towels. When you get them home, make it very clear that no one is to use them until you move into your new home. Then, put them in your bathroom in the most attractive way possible. That may be rolled in a basket, hanging from a towel rack or folded neatly on a built in shelf – but whatever it is, it's imperative that you only bring them out for display when prospective buyers are coming to call.

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Easy Bathroom Staging Hack #2: Bring in a Live Plant

Having a live plant in the bathroom is a beautiful touch. It doesn't have to be a large plant; in fact, it could be a tiny windowsill plant. The point is having a living plant in your bathroom makes the space more vibrant, which is what buyers like to see.

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Easy Bathroom Staging Hack #3: Put Up Art

Even though you know you're selling and won't be staying in your home much longer, hang some beautiful art on the walls of your bathroom if it's not already in place. The idea is to make your bathroom look like a spa so buyers find it welcoming.

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