3 DIY Home Projects You Can Finish While in Quarantine

So you're at home with a little extra time on your hands. While some of your friends are going full throttle on quarantine construction, you'd rather lean in by tackling smaller, more manageable tasks. Here are three DIY home projects you can complete with equal satisfaction.

DIY Quarantine Project #1: Delayed Maintenance No More


Now is the perfect time to ensure that devices like smoke alarms and carbon monoxide sensors are in good working order. Give a little TLC to faded wooden furniture that might be in need of stain, and check to see if you need new furniture pads to protect your floors. Sharpen dull kitchen blades, spray a little WD-40 on squeaky door hinges (you can also grease them with vegetable oil), and be sure to check your home’s air filter so you and your family can maintain a healthy indoor air quality.    


DIY Quarantine Project #2: Cleaning the Crannies

There are two kinds of cleaning: the general cleaning you do on a regular basis, and the kind you do when you’ve really got time. So give some attention to those places in your home that often go neglected: corners with cobwebs, windowsills and light fixtures that have collected dust, and the creases and corners of your carpeted steps where crumbs have collected. Remember to take a little time to wipe down blinds and windows, too. And, more importantly, be sure to sterilize high-touch areas like doorknobs, remote controls, light switches, cabinet handles, electronic devices, and sets of keys.


DIY Quarantine Project #3: Paint by Number

While there may be a number of places in your home that could use a coat of paint, we’re just talking touch-ups. Freshen baseboards that may have recently received a few scuffs, and portions of your kitchen walls that have become blemished from repeated splashes. If your backsplash isn’t tiled it might need some attention, too. Keep your paint brushes from stiffening in between uses by covering them with plastic wrap.

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