3 DIY Home Improvements With Decent ROI

If you're like many people, you want to make a few home improvements that will help you sell your home quickly (and at the right price). But where do you start? Should you redo your entire kitchen, revamp the bathrooms or work on your outdoor landscaping? This guide gives you three hot tips on DIY home improvement projects that can boost your return on investment when you sell.

3 DIY Home Improvements With Decent ROI

First things first: You should talk to your REALTOR® before you dive into any potentially costly or time-consuming home improvements. You may not need to improve the things you think you do - and your agent can tell you exactly what buyers are looking for today. You may want to run these ideas by your agent:

  1. Do a minor kitchen cabinet refresh
  2. Add more usable storage
  3. Create a backyard oasis

Here's a closer look at each. 

DIY Improvement #1: Do a Minor Kitchen Cabinet Refresh

Your kitchen cabinets have the potential to make a splash with buyers. Maybe a new coat of paint is in order, or new cabinet handles and matching drawer pulls are the answer. Both these improvements are affordable and easy to do yourself. 

DIY Improvement #2: Add More Usable Storage

When you add usable storage space to your home, you add value. Consider adding a pantry, some type of built-in storage unit or cabinets in your garage, closet organizers or pull-out drawers in your kitchen. If you have a "lazy Susan," now's a great time to replace it with something more functional. 

DIY Improvement #3: Create a Backyard Oasis 

Buyers love to see outdoor living space because it extends the amount of the home they can feasibly use. Though you don't have to build a whole deck, it's a good idea to add outdoor furnishings, such as nice patio chairs and a fire pit, so prospective buyers can see just how usable the space is.

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