3 Curb Appeal Tips to Dazzle Prospective Buyers When Your Home is for Sale

If you’re selling a home in Lakewood or Long Beach, it’s important that you create a dazzling first impression for prospective buyers – and these three curb appeal tips can help you do exactly that.


3 Curb Appeal Tips to Dazzle Prospective Buyers When Your Home is for Sale


While there’s a lot more to a first impression than a sparkling clean appearance outside, remember that the first thing prospective buyers see is your home’s exterior. It’s easy to get caught up in staging the inside, but you can’t neglect the outside! Follow these three tips (and guidance from your Lakewood Realtor®) to make sure your house looks great from the curb.


#1. Power-wash your driveway and sidewalks, and pick out every weed you can see.


Bright white driveways and sidewalks attract plenty of attention, and they show that you’ve taken the time to care for your home. If you put this much effort on the outside, buyers can’t help but be predisposed to thinking you’ve done the same inside.


Don’t power-wash your house, though! Power-washing your home can cause a disaster. You could force water into the walls, blast away parts of your home’s exteriors, or damage electrical panels, meters or windows – and that’ll all cost you more money to fix.


While you’re at it, make sure there aren’t any weeds growing in the cracks. (And if there are visible cracks, fix them!)


#2. Add beautiful plants – or at least add fresh mulch.


You don’t need to drop a fortune on landscaping, but you do need to know that landscaping (when done properly) is typically an investment that pays for itself when you close on the home.


If you can, freshen up the mulch in your front yard and garden, and add easy-to-care-for plants like lavender or ornamental grasses. Flowers are also great additions, particularly if they’re fragrant and you can plant them by walkways. You don’t have to plant them permanently, either – in many cases, pretty potted plants go a long way toward impressing buyers.


#3. Perk up your porch.


Do what it takes to make your porch look welcoming and invite buyers to come in and explore more. You can:

·         Give your front door a fresh coat of paint

·         Add symmetrical planters on each side of your front door

·         Update the light fixtures on your porch

·         Add new house numbers

·         Add a bright, festive welcome mat

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