3 Common Closing Day Shockers

Buying a home is one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make in your life, so the last thing you want are surprises along the way… especially on closing day.

Check out these three common closing day surprises (and what to do about them) so you’re prepared for anything.

3 Common Closing Day Shockers

When you’re buying a house, it’s stressful… so check out these surprises and what you and your agent can do about them to make sure you’re ready to roll with the punches:

  • Walk-through problems

  • Credit issues

  • Title troubles

Walk-Through Problems

You’ll walk through your new home on closing day to conduct final checks of everything… so what happens if you find something you didn’t know about before?

Sometimes the issues are serious, like flooding. In that case, talk to your real estate agent and find out what your options are. Sometimes, though, they’re just “little” things, like a ripped window screen or a broken doorknob on an interior door. In cases like those, you might want to just look the other way and proceed normally.

Credit Issues

Even little things that change your financial picture can affect your ability to qualify for a mortgage, so don’t make any changes until after you close on the home. That means you’ll have to put off buying new furniture on your credit card, make sure all your bills are kept current, and for the love of Pete, don’t change jobs.

Title Troubles

You’ll have to buy title insurance on the home, but if the title search that the insurance agency performs uncovers a problem - like a missing heir that could come forward and demand ownership in the home - you could find out about it on closing day. If that happens, take your time and talk to your real estate agent about how to proceed.

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