2021 Brings Contract Changes for Buying or Selling Real Estate

When lising your home to sell, it is all about how much you net at the close of escrow. The list price and contract sale price with some companies is not the only thing that can determine how much money you receive at the close of escrow.

Also, as a buyer there are new changes with addendums that some companies may be using as part of a purchase agreement may not always be in a buyer's best interest.

Allison Van Wig explains some of the things to look for and how you can ensure you as a seller will receive the most amount of money for your home and as a buyer, your deposit will be fully protected.

This short seven-minute video may be the most valuable use of your time, so please watch and if you have any questions, drop Allison an email and ask her to give you a call and explain further. Her email is [email protected]. Just put Contract Changes in the subject line.

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