2 Quick Hacks to Enhance Your Home

Your home is your sanctuary, so when you can find even the smallest way to make an improvement it can make all the difference. From fixes for irksome eyesores, to enhancements that cost little or nothing, here are two hacks that you can try today.   

Camouflage Unsightly Cords

TV and cable chords don’t always hang neatly in place and out of sight. In fact, they rarely do—especially if your TV is mounted. You can use wire wraps to try to bundle the chords, but they may still be visible. And you don’t want to put holes into your walls trying to tack the chords into inconspicuous places. So what’s there left to do?

Paint the chords. You read that right. If gangly chords simply can’t be avoided then paint the visible portions the color of your walls. This can be especially effective if you have dark cords that contrast against light walls, or vice versa. Although the chords won’t be completely out of sight, a little bit of camouflage can help keep them out of mind.

Make Fake Plants Look Real

Greenery inside of your home can help bring the outdoors in. But if you don’t have a green thumb, or simply don’t want to bother with watering, fertilizing, and making sure that plants have enough sunlight, artificial plants can be the best way to go. You especially like artificial trees, but sometimes even the decent ones can look just a little bit less than convincing. So how do you help make an artificial tree look real?

Place it into a pot. You don’t have to remove it from its existing plastic one. There’s something about a potted plant that gives it instant credibility. Pick a vessel that coordinates with your interior décor and pull a fast one on your visitors. Your guests will do a double-take—because surely a fake plant wouldn’t be potted. Fill the vessel with mulch to really have them wondering.


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