15-Minute Cleaning Secrets You Can Use for Last-Minute Showings

If you’re selling a home in Lakewood or Long Beach, you already know you have to keep your home neat and tidy while it’s on the market - but what happens when there’s a last-minute showing request and you’re not ready?

Use these 15-minute cleaning secrets as you zip through your house to prep it for a showing.

15-Minute Cleaning Secrets You Can Use for Last-Minute Showings

First things first: Hot areas are more important, so start with your kitchen and bathrooms. Then, move on to other areas if there’s time to spare. Here’s a breakdown of what to do in each room.


Clear off your counters and wipe them down. Empty counters look much bigger than those with appliances and “stuff” all over them, so put everything where it belongs - and if you come across an item with no home, sweep it into a laundry basket that you’ll take with you when you leave for the showing.

Make sure the sink is clear of dishes, too - you don’t want buyers to see a messy sink, because they’ll automatically think the rest of the kitchen is dirty.


Clean the faucet, mirror, sink and toilet immediately. These are the hot spots that buyers won’t notice when you do clean… but you can bet that they’ll notice them if you don’t. A dirty bathroom is a major turn-off for buyers.


Make the bed and stash unwanted clutter underneath it. Don’t make the big mistake of putting clutter in your closet - buyers are going to look in there (and they’re a lot less likely to look under your bed).

Living Room

Straighten everything you can. Make sure your coffee table doesn’t have a mess of magazines on it, fluff your throw pillows and open all the blinds.

A Word About Pets

Whisk away any evidence that you have pets. Put bowls, toys and pet beds in your car, because no matter how much a prospective buyer loves animals, he or she won’t want to see evidence of them in your home.

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